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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Navigating a Mercury Retrograde

The planet Mercury is associated with communication, thinking processes, travel and commerce. Mercury goes retrograde (appears to move backward although it actually isn't) three or four times a year for around three weeks during each occurrence with a shadow period before and after the retrograde. From an energetic perspective this is a time known for miscommunication, things breaking and plans going awry - there is usually a bit of groaning around a retrograde HOWEVER it's also a wonderful opportunity for reflection, completing unfinished business and letting go!

Each Mercury Retrograde is colored by the sign it occurs in, to see a listing of Mercury Retrograde dates and the signs they are in click here To determine how Mercury impacts you personally look at your natal chart to see what house Mercury is in and the associations. has some good, free information on this topic

Tips For Navigating Mercury Retrograde:

1. Be very clear with your communications and check that you are correctly understanding what others are communicating to you.

2. This is not known as an advantageous time to begin new ventures - sign contracts, purchase electronics, start a new job or relationship.

3. Allow extra travel time.

4. Be prepared for unresolved relationships and other connections from the past to come forward for resolution.

5. Consider this a powerful review period! Re-think, re-assess, re-evaluate, re-organize your life.

6. Wrap up those loose ends. Pay off old debts, seek closure on old relationships, pay back any favors owed, etc...

7. Stay well grounded. Focus on the present moment and release ruminations about the past and worries about the future.

8. Be patient with yourself and others.

9. Items that are ready to go often break during a Mercury Retrograde. Consider this a blessing and repair or replace them as needed.

10. Take this opportunity for reflection for deeper self-knowledge to help you move forward in deeper alignment with your higher self.

11. Go with the flow! Don't be attached to specific outcomes it will likely lead to disappointment. Rather be open to what opportunities are presented.

12. Let go, let go, let go...