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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Flowing with the Higher Energies

Hello Beautiful Souls - have you been feeling all the shifting going on this year? These are changing and exciting times for certain, there has been a lot of higher vibrational energy coming in all year to support letting go of the old and raising our energy vibrations to align more closely with our higher selves and The Divine.

Now is the time to release anything that is not supporting your personal growth and movement to a love based existence. You may have noticed old issues and challenges have been coming up all year to be re-examined and released. You may also feel tired and sluggish as our bodies are adjusting to the higher energies.The human energy system is comprised of our physical bodies, our chakras (energy centers) and the aura, these are all connected to each other. In terms of raising our vibrations it is important to keep all three clear and healthy.

What can you do to support flowing with these changes?

1. Stay well grounded and hydrated

2. Make it a point to take care of your body and listen to what it is telling you. If you feel tired rest, if you're antsy get some exercise, etc... Eat healthy natural foods.

3. A daily meditation practice will help with clarity and balance, it only takes 15 minutes a day to feel the benefit of this!

4. Identify and release attachments. To help identify attachments complete the following sentence: I will be happy when <fill in the blank>. Whatever your "when" is is the attachment. Happiness exists inside of us in the present moment. Letting go of the "when" supports being happy now.

5. Notice what relationships and activities are not in alignment with your values and ethics and make adjustments accordingly

6. Crystals are a wonderful and easy way to support the clearing process. If you're not sure which to use start with clear quartz to align the energy centers in the body, a grounding crystal such as black onyx and amethyst. Amethyst is the master healing crystal. You can wear these, hold them or sit them near you. 

7. Stay in the present moment, catch those ruminations on the past or worries about the future and replace them by focusing on what is happening in the present moment

8. In this new energy it's important to operate from the heart (love) rather than a head (ego). When we navigate through life from a place of love rather than ego it creates more joy for us as individuals and also for those around us. That's the beauty of love - when we share it with others it lifts us up as well! To give it a try check in with yourself the next time you have a choice to make and ask yourself if it feels like a love based choice or an ego based choice. There is a well known idea that all thoughts and actions can be boiled down to one of two basic sources; fear or love – being aware of this and checking in with ourselves about our true motivations can help us to be more self-aware and make higher vibrational (more love based) choices.

9. Let go. We really only have control over one thing in life – ourselves, this includes our thoughts and our actions. When we base the condition of our happiness on events we cannot control (other people’s behavior, situations, etc…) we are setting ourselves up for disappointment and unhappiness.

10. Forgive. When we are able to forgive ourselves it is much easier to forgive others.

If you would like support during this process I am available for individual energy healing sessions, readings. All of these can be performed while we are on the phone together or in person in Hereford, MD. Onward and upward!!