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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Valentine's Day Story

Many years ago shortly after my divorce I was still working a corporate job and my desk at the time was situated along a hallway. That Valentine's Day I watched women walking down the hall all morning with flowers that had been sent to them. 

I thought to myself how nice that was and and how much I would enjoy flowers as well but being newly single let the thought go. That afternoon as I left the deli after lunch there was an elderly gentleman standing out front with a basket of silk roses. He was very kind and handed me a silk rose which I put in a planter sitting on my desk. How lovely that my wish had been granted and someone had given me a pretty flower! I was grateful for this gift which had come in an unexpected manner and decided it was a present from Spirit.

About a week later there was another parade of women walking down the hall carrying their fresh flowers that had wilted to the trash can. I looked at the silk rose on my desk which was still as lovely as a week earlier and had the realization that which we receive in our current physical existence is beautiful but temporary. That which we receive from our relationship with The Divine is beautiful and everlasting. That silk rose is still on my desk years later as a reminder of Divine love.