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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Cost Of True Happiness

In my former life as a corporate Business Analyst we worked with cost/benefit analysis when determining if a project was worth undertaking (I know - the corporate world and I are not really a match however I did manage to introduce some Reiki and metaphysical content into our project meetings :) As we're heading into the second Mercury Retrograde of 2016 on April 28th it strikes me that we do this subconsciously in our lives as well, and if we can bring those subconscious choices to the realm of consciousness to be reviewed and perhaps altered we can increase the level of happiness and well being in our lives.

There is a cost for every choice we make, that cost is sometimes in the form of what we forgo to receive the benefit of our choice. For example, consider those who stay in an unhappy marriage for financial security, the cost of the financial security is not having a loving spouse to share life with. Also on the topic of financial security consider those who stay in a high stress job that makes them miserable for the paycheck that supports a particular lifestyle. The cost of that lifestyle is the stress and misery of the work that funds it. Many people stay in unhealthy relationships in order to avoid too much time alone; this includes romantic relationships as well as friendships. The cost of consistently eating unhealthy foods in an effort to find emotional solace may be our physical health.

It's beneficial to take a step back and look at the choices we are making in our lives to determine if the cost of those choices is worth the benefit received. This requires being very honest with ourselves and asking if those choices are being made out of fear. Fear of being alone, fear of financial challenges, fear of having to confront our emotional pain etc...Once the fear based (ego based) choices are brought to light we can then take the next step and ask ourselves what is the opportunity for healing that will allow us to move out of those fear based life situations. 

The healing needed may be to address low self esteem, release old emotional pain, to take responsibility for our own self care or even learning how to enjoy time alone. This process requires change, change is often a scary proposition as it involves the unknown. 

Ask yourself - are your life choices honoring to yourself or do they diminish you in some way? Releasing those situations that are diminishing to the essence of who you are is certainly worth the risk of making changes! From an energy healing perspective change is related to the second (sacral) chakra. When we have a firm foundation in the root chakra; when we are well grounded, change becomes less frightening. 

It's often helpful to request the support of a trusted friend, counselor or energy healer when undertaking this exercise in order to receive unbiased feedback as well as support. We are after all social beings and there is no need to try to do it all in a vacuum, by yourself. We all deserve to be happy and releasing situations that no longer resonate with our soul essence in order to create space for new endeavors that do is a powerful step to creating greater life satisfaction. Onward and upward!