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Sunday, July 3, 2016


As we celebrate the USA's birthday this weekend it's also a good time to consider what freedom means to us as individuals and to the human race.
Examining our lives to illuminate any areas where we do not feel free to speak our truth or stand in our power is a good place to start. What are the hindrances to that freedom and how can they be cleared away? Are these obstacles coming from inside of us, perhaps in our beliefs or self esteem?...
While the First Amendment grants us freedom of speech and religion in this country there are many all over the world who continue to be oppressed, many who do not have the opportunities for these freedoms. And here in our own country there are many who still suffer the oppression of poverty, racism and discrimination in various forms.
We as humans are all connected, the oppression of our brothers and sisters impacts the collective consciousness. As we look to heal any roadblocks to our own personal freedom may we also look to eliminate roadblocks on a global level for all who suffer oppression.
Let us celebrate the freedoms we enjoy in America and extend a hand through service work, prayer or activism to extend freedom to all humans that we may create an earth in peace and unity. So be it.

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