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Monday, November 28, 2016

Reiki and Children - A Mothers Experience

This was written by a Phoenix Reiki and Wellness client who wishes to remain anonymous for her children's sake:

"Every parent looks at their child at some point in time and thinks "I sure wish you came with instructions".  For the most part, you get to know the child and everything turns out fine.  First crying child needed to be swaddled.  Second needed sung to and third needed to be in constant motion.  Pink eye, ear infection, strep throat is fixed with a quick trip to the doctor.  I quit my job to be a mom.  Fixing is my job.

My heart was crushed around 5 years into my journey of being a mom.  There were things that I told my oldest two I would fix but it was not working.  Those two started showing signs of anxiety, panic attacks and even depression.  It got so bad that suicidal thoughts were being spoken.  I quickly put them in therapy and was also sending them to a psychiatrist.  Bi weekly talk sessions and medications were not helping.  I felt like a failure and most importantly I was scared for my children.  The medications were added to and changed monthly.  I felt like I was using my kids as guinea pigs with no results.  Something had to change.

Luckily I am an open minded parent.  Traditional is not working so lets try non-traditional.  I did a little research and decided to try Reiki.  After a Google Search I found Phoenix Reiki and Anne Marie.  Yes, it was strange at first.  Apparently my children are empaths.  Being told that they needed grounded and filled with light and protection bubbles was a bit strange for sure!  After the first sessions I saw immediate results. I could not see the blocked, small, cloudy, too large, etc. chakras being fixed but my children could feel it. To my surprise the Reiki sessions even worked from Anne Marie's weekly phone calls!   My ridged children looked much more relaxed and happy.  No it was not fixed after one session, it takes daily work but Anne Marie happily gave us the tools to do that work.  My children are now armed with the healing crystals, techniques for grounding and protection they can do themselves and more.

Is everything perfect over a year later?  No.  But it is whole lot better.  They are now teenagers which is a struggle on it's own but one child is off medication and therapy completely.  The other is also being weaned off and is on the lowest dose medication possible.  They know how to help themselves now when they get overwhelmed in large groups of people or after being around a grouchy teacher or coach.  Sometimes they need reminded, sometimes mom secretly grounds them when I see things getting out of control. Mom is still my job.  I am forever grateful for Reiki, it's a powerful tool that I highly recommend.  My oldest is Reiki 1 trained now, this has been a fabulous life changing experience that I am so happy I fell upon."

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