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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Rock Tumbler

It's been an energetic rock tumbler to far this year with the ability to polish us like a rough stone to a smooth one. The trick to allowing the polishing is to flow with what comes up rather than clinging to the past. Be open to the new and most importantly being honest with ourselves. What are your true motivations? What are your gifts and what areas need some attention? Where are amends are needed and what can be released? It's time to step into your personal power! 

Energy healing can be a wonderful way to help raise our vibrations, clear that which is no longer serving us and support overall wellness. It can be performed distantly while on the phone or in person. 

When you come to Phoenix Reiki & Wellness for an in person session we include use of our Amethyst Biomat, sound healing and a chakra (energy center) reading with your Reiki session at no extra charge. Energy healing is not massage, the recipient remains fully clothed and usually experiences gentle relaxation along with a feeling of deeper balance and peace. We also offer deep clearing energy healing sessions, readings, Reiki past life regressions and a host of other services listed on our website. To schedule a session email, full details are here

Onward and upward!

Anne-Marie Revello, CRMT

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